October 31, 2020

Commercial Window Cleaning: Everything You Need to Know

If you have a business premises, it’s in your best interests to take responsibility for the upkeep early on. Not only is it important for the appearance of your company and the impression that it makes on anyone who visits your offices, but it can even influence the productivity of your staff.

July 31, 2020

Value of Hiring a Professional Cleaning Company for Retail Cleaning

Whether it’s a small specialty store or a large shopping center, making a lasting impression is everything. Some retailers may think of daily maintenance only as a means to improve their store’s appearance. But, these critical tasks actually impact your customers’ shopping experience. A less-than-sparkling restroom may cause a shopper to spend less time in your store. But, even as simple as a tiny discarded wad of gum stuck in one of your shelves could do the same damage. Do you want the power to impress visitors and turn them into repeat customers? Perhaps hiring a professional cleaning company is the best solution to achieving an immaculate sales floor.

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