Importance of Having a Clean Hotel Lobby

Importance of Having a Clean Hotel Lobby

Importance of Having a Clean Hotel Lobby

Importance of Having a Clean Hotel Lobby

Asked what is of greatest importance to them in a hotel, most people say it’s the lobby’s look. The lobby gives you an impression of the rest of the hotel, and as they say, there’s only one first impression. So, you only have one chance to impress your potential guests.


This isn’t to say that you should squeeze all your expensive furnishings in the lobby to impress guests. It means that the lobby ought to be clean, neatly arranged, and welcoming. The most important of these is cleanliness.


Your Guests Expect It


When people come to your hotel, they demand excellence. People may allow a little slack in their homes, but when they check into a hotel, even a slight mishap is a turnoff. So, all your spaces must be perfect in readiness for the arrival of your guests.


The hospitality industry is highly competitive, and you want to avoid anything that would give your rivals a competitive advantage. If your guests are impressed from the start and end up enjoying their stay, they are likely to return. They may also recommend your location to others.


How to Clean Your Lobby


Maintaining a spotless lobby is no mean fete. The lobby is the room that sees the highest traffic in the hotel. With guests coming in and checking out, there is more dust, handprints, wastepaper, pet furs, and other dirt forms. The weather also affects the maintenance of the lobby area. During wet weather, the floor is likely to be wet and slippery. In dry weather, the floors grow dusty faster.


Daily cleaning is a must. Some days, you may need to clean more than once. If you allow dirt and dust to accumulate, it may trigger allergies in sensitive customers. If this happens, it may affect the customers’ review of your hotel. Settled dust also makes your hotel look shabby and unhygienic. So, if you notice dust lying around in your lobby, take quick action because it could affect your business.


Besides cleaning, proper organization in the lobby is essential. Organize the reception desk and the neighboring workstations. Create a defined path for traffic flow in the reception area. Indicate using clear signs where visitors should check-in and check-out. This reduces the commotion and keeps the pathways clear.


Ensure also that the floors are sparkling and the rugs are clean, without stains. People look at these things. Avoid torn and tattered carpets. If there are any loose boards or cracked tiles, repair them too before they become a hazard.


Outsource the Cleaning Services


Having understood the need for a clean lobby, you must take action to ensure that your hotel lobby and rooms are spotless. Partnering with a janitorial service like True Office Cleaning will produce your desired results and give you peace of mind. You can focus on the critical business of catering for your guests without worrying about proper cleaning.


Learn more about the importance of having a clean hotel lobby, contact True Office Cleaning in Pensacola, FL at (850) 380-7318 to book an appointment.

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