How Often Do Windows and Glass Doors Need to Be Cleaned?

How Often Do Windows and Glass Doors Need to Be Cleaned?

How Often Do Windows and Glass Doors Need to Be Cleaned?

How Often Do Windows and Glass Doors Need to Be Cleaned?

Installing quality glass in your windows and doors will serve you for a long time. However, good-quality glass is not immune to fingerprint marks and smudges. Dirty glass can make a perfect space look very shabby. Therefore, keeping the glass in your facility and home clean is vital. The light that comes through the clear, clean glass makes a room sparkle.


The good thing is that cleaning the glass in your windows and doors is not difficult. You can use almost the exact solutions at home, and if you have an establishment, you can call a professional to do it.


How often should you clean windows and glass doors? Here are some things to consider.




  • Once a Month


If you own a business, you need your windows and glass doors to look good. Hence, you need to clean the spots and streaks before they start to draw attention. A professional company can come in every month to do the cleaning.


  • Every Three Months


If you have glass windows and doors at home, diligence dictates that you clean them at least four times a year. You should clean the exteriors and interiors of any debris and grime thoroughly.

  • Every Six to 12 Months


If you own a residential building, twice a year is a reasonable number of times to clean your windows. This will allow optimum light to flow in and maintain a good outlook.




The time between cleanings will depend on a few factors, with some of the leading ones being:


  • Environmental Factors


If your house, business, or facility is in a dusty place, you might need to clean up more frequently. Expectedly, glass windows and doors in urban areas tend to get dirty quicker than in the suburbs. If you live in a place that receives a lot of rainfall, you will not need to clean your glass windows and doors as often.


  • Property Type


Some properties and businesses will require their glass windows and doors to go through thorough cleaning more often than others will. For instance, restaurant and bakery doors and windows might get greasy faster than in an office. This is also true for industrial properties where there is a lot of dirt in the air. You will need to clean these glass surfaces more often than in a residential building.


  • Necessity


Sometimes, people in their own homes can put off cleaning their windows until they are filthy. They clean their glass surfaces only when the marks and smudges are obvious. But if you have a commercial building, your glass surfaces must be flawless. This means you will have to call a cleaning company more often. You can observe how long it takes for the glass surfaces to get dirty again and create a schedule.


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