How Dirty Floors Could Be Hurting Your Business

How Dirty Floors Could Be Hurting Your Business

How Dirty Floors Could Be Hurting Your Business

How Dirty Floors Could Be Hurting Your Business


When it comes to cleaning, there is one area that is often the most overlooked – the floor. Under our feet all day every day, it tends to be the last area that we consider when we look around our place of work. After all, we tend to look at objects in our immediate line of sight when our head is parallel to the floor, not looking down. Nevertheless, one of the most fundamental mistakes that any business owner can make is failing to consider the condition and cleanliness of their floors. 


Here are just a few ways how dirty floors could be hurting your business. 


Dirty Floors Could be Making Your Employees Sick


Floors are often one of the dirtiest places in an office thanks to employees walking in various germs and pathogens on the soles of their shoes. If the floors aren’t regularly cleaned, they can quickly become breeding grounds for bacteria with huge numbers occurring in those offices where vacuuming and washing are infrequent practices. Unsurprisingly, the high levels of germs found in dirty flooring have the potential to make your workforce sick. And unless you suddenly start ramping up your cleaning protocols, your staff will be getting sick over and over again until you make some changes. What does this mean for your business? Lost productivity owing to more sick days, interruptions in your working schedule, potential failure to meet deadlines, and even lost revenue. This can all affect the bottom line of your business. 


Dirty Floors Could be Affecting the Motivation and Productivity of Your Employees


Everyone deserves to have a clean and safe environment to work in. Studies have shown that employees are much happier at work, and therefore more committed, focused, and productive when they have a clean, safe workspace in which to work. This is particularly important when they are spending a great deal of time in their workplace. Ensuring that your floors are as clean as the rest of your business environment will help keep your staff comfortable at work and will show that you are as committed to their physical and mental wellbeing. 


Dirty Floors will Affect your Business Reputation


Business owners will have worked very hard to build their brand and reputation. Unfortunately, this hard work can be ruined by something as simple as a dirty floor, particularly if you ever have outsiders visit your premises. These could be suppliers, interview candidates, potential investors, and more – each of whom will form an opinion about your business. A dirty environment, including unclean floors, will reflect on your business brand and could deter people and other businesses from working with you in the future – particularly if word spreads that you don’t care to keep your offices clean. 


Dirty Floors Could Compromise the Quality of your Office Air


It may surprise you to learn that a dirty floor could affect the quality of the air in your workspace. This is because the dust, germs, and bacteria from the floor will interact with oxygen and be picked up into the air around your workforce, increasing the likelihood that they will become sick. Although you may have air filtration systems in place, they will have to work particularly hard to ensure that the air is as clean as it needs to be to keep your staff healthy. This could lead to your filtration systems also needing additional attention to keep them running smoothly. 



If you would like more information about the way in which dirty floors could be negatively impacting on your business, or to schedule a professional office clean that includes your flooring, please contact our expert team in Pensacola, FL. 

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